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Hand Hygiene Day Program of Activities (May 5, 2015)

//Hand Hygiene Day Program of Activities (May 5, 2015)

Hand Hygiene Day Program of Activities (May 5, 2015)


May 4, 2015
Time: 7:45am
Venue: UN Driveway Fountain Area
Activity: Photo Opportunity with Placards made by different units after the flag ceremony

Time: 8:00am
Activity: Opening of MDH Photo booth
Venue: MDH Activity Area (in front of the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine)

Time: 8:30am
Activity: Photo Opportunity with Placards
Venue: MDH CSR Clinic

May 5, 2015

Hand Hygiene Relay 2:30 – 5pm

(Click this link to know how to  do a proper hand rub.)

Location Areas for Relay

    1. 11F
    2. 10F
    3. 9F
    4. 8F
    5. 7F
    6. 6F
    7. 5F
    8. 5A
    9. 5B
    10. 4C
    11. 3C
    12. 3B
    13. NSO
    14. MDO
    15. VisionCenter
    16. Spiral StairCase


Closing Remarks: Dr. Hian Ho Kua at the Zen Garden

Masters of Ceremonies: Mr. Benhur Bernardo / Ms. Joy Gorospe / Dr. Dess Roman

Marshals: IPCO Staff / Internal Quality Auditors / Organizing Committee


List of  Personnel Area Assignment for Relay 

–        Inpatient Units: Nursing Staff of the AM Shift will participate in the event.

–        In between stairs (minimum 6 personnel each unit/division):

  • 11-10F : Offices, FMD (MBFI Hall personnel)
  • 10F-9F : Linen and Housekeeping Staff
  • 9F-8F: Facilities Management Division
  • 8F-7F: Security
  • 7F-6F: Human Resources Division
  • 6F-5F: Pastoral Care Services, Dietary

–        In between floors (minimum 6 personnel each unit/division):

  • 5F-5A: Laboratory  / Pharmacy / Prohealth / CCU / Pastoral Care
  • 5A-5B: Quality Management Office / Endoscopy Unit / CRSS
  • 5B-4C: Corporate Social Responsibility Office / Radiology / Ultrasound/ IT
  • 4C-3C: Rehabilitation Medicine / Nuclear Medicine / Heart Care / Hemodialysis / ICU / ORC
  • 3C-3B: Finance / OGC / NICU
  • 3B-2nd Floor- Medical Residents/Interns, Administrative Staff, NSO staff,
  • 2nd Floor to Spiral Staircase – Medical Directors Office, Admitting Section, VisionCenter
  • Spiral Staircase – MSA, Senior Management Team


Mechanics of the relay:

  • To perform the relay, healthcare workers, ambulatory patients and watchers will be lining up outside their stations and a bottle of hand rub passed to the person beside him.
  • At the sound of a loud start signal, the first person will squirt alcohol hand rub and pass the hand rub to the next person beside him and shall do the recommended hand hygiene (6 steps) and the cycle go on until the last person in the relay.
  • (“Squirt” – “Pass the Bottle” – “Do Hand Hygiene”)


Note: The relay must not be broken. The more personnel to stand in the area the better. For any concerns, kindly contact us at local 2851. Thank you very much.


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