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Clinical Nutrition Management Service

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Clinical Nutrition Management Service

The Clinical Nutrition Management Services (CNMS) was conceptualized with the goal of improving patient care and outcomes through widely accepted benefits of nutrition management. Composed of a multidisciplinary team of clinical nutrition physicians, dieticians, nurses and pharmacists, CNMS is in charge of ensuring that the proper nutrition care plan is implemented accordingly as part of actual in-patient management.

Contact Information:

Direct Line: (02) 558-0888 Local 4718

Department Head: Dr. Olive Quizon
Address: 2nd Floor, Doña Salustiana Medical Tower II,

Clinic Hours:

Monday – Saturday: 8:00 AM –52:00 PM (By appointment)

Offered Services:

Admitted patients will undergo the clinical nutrition/nutrition support process:

  1. Screening by nurses to identify patients at risk.
  2. Assessment of at risk patients by dieticians counterchecked by clinical nutrition physician to classify nutrition risk of patients.
  3. Nutrition care plan development by dieticians and clinical nutrition physician based on the risk of developing nutrition-related complications:
    • Low to moderate risk patients will be given nutrition care plan by the dieticians upon approval of the Attending Physician (AP)
    • Low to moderate risk patients needing enteral nutrition but considered complicated case and/or needing parenteral nutrition will be referred by the dietician to clinical nutrition physician upon the approval of the Attending Physician (AP)
    • High risk patients will be given nutrition care plan by the clinical nutrition physician and will be monitored by the CNMS
  4. Implementation, Monitoring, Reassessment by the CNMS upon the approval of the Attending Physician (AP).
  5. Termination of therapy by the physician.