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Requesting Medical Information (Medical Records)

//Requesting Medical Information (Medical Records)
Requesting Medical Information (Medical Records) 2017-08-19T13:14:08+00:00

The Medical Records Department (MRD) is located on the 2nd floor of the ASCBuilding and officially releases Certified True Copies of inpatient medical information from the patient’s chart, Mondays to Saturdays, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Lunch break is observed during Saturdays only from 12:00 nn to 1:00 PM).


For still-confined patients

For patients requesting for certified true copy of their medical information, please secure an authorization letter from your attending physician. Your Nursing Unit will issue the following upon patient’s request:

  1.  Certificate of Confinement
  2. Clinical Summary signed by the Attending Physician
  3. Diagnostic results and other relevant parts of the patient’s medical records as requested or ordered by the Attending Physician

All other documents will be coursed through the MRD 24 hours after discharge. MRD shall process the chart 24 hours upon receipt of the discharged patient’s chart.


For discharged patients

Patient or authorized representative must personally fill out a Request for Information Form at the MRD and submit the following documents two to five days after discharge from the Hospital:

  1.  Letter of Consent from the Attending Physician (for patient requesting for certified true copy of Medical Abstract)

Note:  Consent Letter must be signed by the Attending Physician.  Documents which are signed by the medical secretary or the resident-in-charge in behalf of the AP shall not be accepted

  1. Patients are required to present valid IDs*
  2. Patient representative must present valid ID* and submit patient’s original authorization letter and valid ID*

* SSS, GSIS, Driver’s License, other government issued IDs, company ID

Processing the requests may take a few minutes or up to seven working days depending on the year of confinement. Minimal processing and other service charges apply.

For HMO/PHIC patients:

The HMO/PHIC coordinator will inform you of the list of documents required by your HMO, Philhealth, or employer/company as soon as you are admitted.



  • Certificate of Live Birth (Municipal Form No. 2) and complete instructions on how to fill-out the Certificate of Live Birth is Delivered to mother’s room by MRD
  • Fill-out required information on the draft Certificate of Live Birth accurately and completely.
  • Submit accomplished draft of Certificate of Live Birth to the MEDICAL RECORDS DEPARTMENT.
  • Sign the “Waiver of Correction” to attest that you have reviewed and certified that all information typed on the Certificate of Live Birth are correct.

Note: To avoid late registration, please submit the Certificate of Live Birth within ten (10) working days upon giving birth.


Good News!!!

Your Medical Records Department now offers delivery service on Registered Copy of Birth Certificates from the Local Civil Registry.  For more information about this new service, give us a call at local 5550 / 4612 and our friendly staff will be happy to serve you.