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The X- ray Section is open seven (7) days / twenty-four (24) hours with full coverage six (6) days a week including Saturday and skeleton crew on Sundays, and holidays. The CT and Ultrasound sections observe regular office hours (8:00 AM – 5:00 PM), Mondays through Saturdays. Emergent procedures can be done after office hours, Sundays and Holidays with Consultants / Technologists on call when needed.


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  • Trunk line:
    • 524-3011
  • Extension numbers:
    • 8142 – CT Section
    • 8132 – X-Ray Office
    • 2760 – X-Ray Exposure Area
    • 8144 – Ultrasound Section
  • Direct lines:
    • 528-8142 – CT Section
    • 528–8132 – X-Ray Section
    • 523-8144 – Ultrasound Section

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The Department of Radiology is composed of three sections, namely: the X-ray Section, the Ultrasound Section, and the Computed Tomography (CT) Section. Listed in the Department Services section are the different examinations and procedures performed in each section.

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The Department of Radiology was established by Dr. Carlos Marquez, one of the Founding Members of Manila Doctors Hospital (MDH) in 1956. Dr. Carlos Marquez was one of the "Magnificent Seven", the Magnificent Seven referring to the foremost radiologists in the country who virtually established the Philippine College of Radiology.

During the early years, the radiological services offered by the hospital consisted of general radiology which was housed in only a third of the area of the present department.

Several radiologists became associates of the department. Dr. Cynthia Umali, one of the few Filipino Pediatric radiologists joined the consultant staff in mid 70’s followed by Dr. Eduardo Nievera. Dr. Roberto Dulay came on board in 1980 up to 1982. At about this time, younger radiologists in the persons of Drs. Danny Cruz and Filemon Ang Tong also joined the department. During this period, all work in the department consisted of general radiology with only one radiographic/ fluoroscopic unit and one conventional x-ray unit. They were later joined by Dr. Gerardo Beltran. These younger consultants stayed in the department only up to the early ‘80’s after which they went abroad for further studies and employment.

Dr. Manuel Raagas came on board in 1983 and he pioneered the ultrasound service in the department. At that time, the ultrasound equipment was a B scanner which was a static scanner with an articulated arm. In 1986, this scanner was replaced with a real time scanner with consequent increase in the type and number of ultrasound examinations that could be done. This new technology afforded better temporal and spatial resolution in the dynamic study of the organs. With real time technology, obstetric evaluation became more precise and a lot easier to perform.

Dr. Cynthia Joy Maxino – Uy joined the Staff in 1984 as a young associate. She went to University of Massachusetts to train in 2D echocardiography and peripheral vascular studies in 1986 when the new ultrasound equipment was acquired. For a few years, she was performing 2D echo studies in the department with Dr. Nelson Abelardo until such time that the hospital had another 2D echo unit within the Heart Station itself. Dr. Uy became the Chairman of the department in late 1988 when Dr. Marquez left Manila Doctors Hospital.

Less than a year later, Dr. Ma. Asuncion Relampagos (1989), Dr. Manuel Felipe Tuason (1990), Dr. Jose Emmanuel Flandes (1991), Dr. Angela Villanueva (1991) and Dr. Mario Sarmenta (1993) joined the Consultant staff of the department.

1992 brought a lot of change in the department. The hospital acquired a Computed Tomography scanner, the Siemens Somaton HiQ. Dr. Maxino Uy and Dr. M.F Tuason went to the USA (University of California at San Francisco and Mt. Sinai Medical Center in New York respectively) to train in this new imaging modality. During this time, the department underwent physical renovation. It was expanded to its current floor area. The laboratory, special units and doctor’s offices adjacent to the Radiology Section were transferred to the second floor. The Nuclear Medicine Section was given a larger floor area within the department.

1992 was also the start of the Radiology Residency Training Program. Manila Doctors Hospital Department of Radiology has the distinction of being the first to establish a four (4) – year training program rather than the usual three (3) - year program for residents. It was not until four (4) years later that the Philippine College of Radiology required a four (4) year course. Drs. Ma. Teresa A. Buendia and Antonio Sebastian (1992 – 1995) were the first residents. They were followed by Drs. Ma. Luz E. Salvadora (1993- 1996), Ma. Teresita Rivera (1994 – 1997), Beethoven Z. de Guzman (1995 – 1998), Anthony R. Vera Cruz and Joseph R. Abanilla (1996 – 1999), Cristino O. Cruz (1997 – 2000), Ma. Ana Victoria D. Figueroa (1998 – 2001), Ma. Othella Tupaz – Agmata and Joel E. de Jesus (1999-2002), Magnolia M. Rosales and Maritess G. Sy (2000 – 2003), Mary Jane Mendoza (2001 – 2003), Rodel E. Robancos (2002 – 2005), Ma, Trisha S. Lapus (Aug 2002 – July 2006), Marko G. Gloria (2003 -2006), Ruben S. Berango and Zhenah Zeny P. Soriano (2004 – 2007), Antonio A. Koh (2005 – 2008), Margie B. Apelit (2006 – 2009), Myra M. Doctor ( March 2006 – February 2010), and Raymund Glorioso (2007 – 2010). Drs. Buendia, Salvadora and Cruz were invited to join the medical staff after they obtained their diplomate and fellowship status.

In 1994, the department upgraded its general radiology services with the acquisition of new radiographic equipments, to wit; Siemens Siregraph which was a radiographic/ fluoroscopic unit, Siemens Siremobil which is a C- arm and placed in the OR, Siemens Multix which is a conventional radiographic unit and the Siemens Mammomat 3 for mammography. The image of the department was enhanced with the new services (mammography and intraoperative radiographic procedures). Further upgrading of the general radiology section was done in 1999 with the acquisition of the Siemens Sireskop, a radiographic and fluoroscopic unit and very recently in December 2004 with the acquisition of the first digital radiographic and fluoroscopic unit in the hospital, the Siemens Iconos.

The ultrasound section upgraded its services in 1997 with the acquisition of the GE Logic 500 and RT Fino. With the Logic 500, vascular and color Doppler and small parts studies could be performed Drs. Ma. Teresa Buendia and Ma. Luz Salvadora was sent to study vascular and color Doppler technology in University of California at San Francisco. Since its conception, this section has grown by leaps and bounds.

Since its inception in 1992, the computed tomography section also had its face – lift when it acquired the Siemens Somatom Volume Zoom in 2002. This was the first 4- slice multidetector system in the Philippines. With it, cross- sectional imaging has really flourished. With its new computer technology it was now possible to have reformations of the cross sectional images in any plane imaginable. Special examinations such as virtual colonoscopy and bronchoscopy, coronary calcium scoring, CT angiography, high resolution studies of any organ system and perfusion studies are now possible greatly enhancing the section’s diagnostic capability.

In 1999, the department was included in the hospital’s venture into the booming information technology/management. With this technology, inpatients’ reports from the different imaging sections were made available at the nurses’ stations promoting easier and faster access for prompt management.

Through the years, the department has grown by leaps and bounds with the support from hospital administration, boosted by the competence and reputation of its medical staff and with the efficiency and competence of its technical staff. Everyone in the department has worked hard to repay the administration’s support by being consistently one of the top net earners of the hospital; with pride we can say we have paid our way and then some.

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All members of the Consultant Staff are fellows of the Philippine College of Radiology, the Ultrasound Society of the Philippines and the CT- MRI Society of the Philippines.

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