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A Case Report: Primary Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Related Optic Neuropathy

Patricia S. Tacata, MD
April M. Dizon, MD*


An important but rare cause of optic neuropathy is infection with HIV. We report a case of a young HIV – infectedmanwhodevelopedopticneuritisashispresenting
Manifestation of HIV infection. He had initially experienced insidious -onset right-sided painful blurring of vision. A unilateral pale swollen disc was apparent on fundoscopy. Investigations were performed including complete blood count, urinalysis, chest X-ray, ECG, creatinine, fasting blood sugar, ESR, CRP and RPR. The only positive result was a reactive HIV enzyme -linked immunosorbent assay. The CD4 count was 434 cells/μl. A contrast magnetic resonance imaging scan of the brain illustrated non- enhancement of the optic nerves. Highly active antiretroviral therapy was initiated after 2 weeks. Vision did not improve significantly but optic disc edema disappeared.

*Adviser/Consultant, Department of Ophthalmology