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Bigger and Better : New Endoscopy Unit

The Endoscopy Unit at MDH just got bigger as they transferred to the newly renovated space on the second floor of the main building.   From a capacity of simultaneous 2-bed procedures,  it has now expanded to five rooms with a capacity to perform 4 simultaneous procedures and 1 ERCP procedure.

Now more patients can be attended to with less waiting time for procedures. There is also a bigger recovery room and can accommodate more patients.

Dr. Nelson Abelardo , Dr Irene Limpo and Dr. Evelyn Dy  cut the ribbon to formally open the new Endoscopy Unit.  

Endoscopy Unit staff with Dr. Petrach  Bravo, Chairman, Internal Medicine;  Dr Irene Limpo , Head of AMSD 1 ; Dr Evelyn Dy  , Section Head; Ms Anjanette T. Dy-Buncio,  Vice Chairman  and Treasury, Dr Fernando Piedad , Dr. Nelson Abelardo , Assistant Medical Director   ; Dr Terrence Cham , Deputy Administrative Director. Other Gastroenterologist fellows at the back : Dr Anna Si, Dr Michelle Cloa, Dr Virgilio Banez, Dr  Feliz  Zano, Dr Manley Uy, Dr Mark Lustre and Dr Rafael Chan