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Electrocardiogram (ECG) via Roving Med Mobile Services

A normal heart rate matters because it affects your entire body function. Prioritize your heart health this year. Consult with your doctor to get an Electrocardiogram (ECG) at Manila Doctors Hospital's Roving Med Mobile Services! Schedule an appointment by calling (+632) 8558-0888 local 0745 and we will be with you every step of the way.

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Ways to RECHARGE Your Health This 2023 

For most people, finding time to prioritize health can be a bit challenging. With easy access to travel and leisure these days, people would often opt to just have recreational activities instead of visiting their doctors or the hospital. Here’s the good news, though! You need not to choose between having a refreshing staycation or an executive checkup at a hospital because there is a wellness package that brings together health and leisure by combining an executive checkup with relaxing hotel accommodation into one.

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HomeCare Plus

Manila Doctors Hospital’s HomeCare Plus allows you to receive medical care faster, with safety and convenience, in the comfort of your own home. Book our Home Care Plus services and let us be with you every step of the way as you heal.

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Plan your Holiday Diet

Manila Doctors Hospital offers an individualized diet plan that lets you enjoy festive holiday food while keeping your calories and nutrients in check.

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Healthy Beginning Package

This package includes tests and procedures such as physical examination, nutrition counseling, complete cholesterol, blood sugar, liver function, and complete blood count screening. With the Healthy Beginning Package, you can keep track of your health as you make the most of the new year ahead.

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HomeCare Plus Services

Manila Doctors Hospital continuously strives to give the best medical care when and where you need it most. With HomeCare Plus, we bring the medical services you need from our hospital to your home.

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The Department of Rehabilitation Medicine

The Department of Rehabilitation Medicine provides comprehensive care in the diagnosis and treatment of injuries and health issues. Our Physical and Occupational Therapy services aim to improve the quality of life and help you recover or redirect your body’s functions

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