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Proportion of Adult Filipino Outpatients of Manila Doctors Hospital with Apparent Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular risk before Statin Therapy based on ATP IV and CPG in Management of Dyslipidemia in the Philippines GROUP V

Venus Casio, MD, Marie Luciene Diezmos, MD, Kevin Giller, MD, Jheff Guce, MD,
Lagon Armando Jr., Robyn Sagum, MD, Anna Margarita Sonico & Sarah Sy-Santos, MD
Roberto Ruiz, MD*


Guidelines used for statin therapy include the latest Adult Treatment Panel IV (2013) and the CPG on the Management of Dyslipidemia in the Philippines (2005). The study aims to determine the proportion of adult Filipino MDH outpatients with apparent atherosclerotic cardiovascular (ASCVD) risks eligible for statin therapy under the two said guidelines. Chart review was done from November 2015 to March 2016 involving MDH outpatients with apparent ASCVD risks. Among patients included, sociodemographic and clinical variables were obtained to assess ASCVD risks thus their eligibility for statin therapy under both or either guidelines. Results showed that equal number of patients (24%) were eligible in either guideline while 5% were eligible under both guidelines. Despite some differences in the risk factors in the two guidelines, they have the same scope of eligible patients for statin therapy. This implies that either ATP IV or CPG can be used in the management of dyslipidemic patients with regards to initiation of statin therapy.
Keywords: ASCVD, CPG on the Management of Dyslipidemia, ATP IV, Statin Therapy

*Adviser/Consultant, Department of Family a nd Community Me dicine